Why is DSLR currently the most popular camera in the market?

DSLR is the abbreviation for Digital Single Lens Reflex and cameras with these lenses uses only a single lens to capture an image and to display it on the viewfinder. The image provided to the photographer is exactly the same image that will be captured and stored, making it a great choice for both professional and amateur photographers. The photograph is more vibrant, sharper and clearer than most of the other cheaper point and shoot cameras.

DSLR cameras are also seeing development every year and are becoming more faster and are offering more features. The lag time of these cameras has come down to just the speed with which one click the button and react just like conventional film cameras. Compact digital cameras on the other hand have a lag time of around half a second, making them too slow for capturing rapidly moving subjects. The DSLR cameras have higher energy efficiency and hence last longer than a compact camera. The DSLR camera does not require the LCD screen to be used all the time, giving the onboard batteries a huge respite.

DSLR cameras also come with inter changeable lenses that allow for macro photography by adding a macro lens. The DSLR cameras also come with a larger sensor than the one found in a compact camera, giving it a higher ISO range which translates into less noise and higher sensitivity. The camera also allows for varying the shutter speeds that help in altering the depth of field and noise. An increase in shutter speed increases image noise and decreases depth of field, whereas a decrease in shutter speeds leads to decreased sharpness and hand hold-ability.



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