For a person who is just stepping into the world of photography, choosing a camera can be quite confusing and one of the most difficult decisions to make. There are numerous things to consider when choosing a camera, such as the genre of photography that you will be using that camera for and the frequency with which you will be using it. Cost is the biggest concern when it comes to buying cameras for a hobby. For beginners a low cost film based analog camera can be helpful in nurturing the hobby, however for people who are serious about their hobby, and professionals, investment into a better and expensive camera becomes essential. Cameras are also categorized based on their resolution, zooming and megapixels they offer, parameters that you need to carefully consider before purchasing one.

Analog cameras have given way to digital cameras that eliminate the need for developing images. However analog cameras offer a few advantages when it comes to taking classic pictures that digital cameras do not offer. Analog cameras also require a dark room for frequent development of films in order to avoid constant trips to the photo studio.

Digital cameras on the other hand do not require development of the film and the stored pictures can be easily printed out with a low cost printer at home or ever at a photo studio. Digital single lens reflex or DSLR cameras are among the most popular cameras today for a serious hobbyist and their prices have come down in the past few years, making them affordable for everyone. DSLR cameras are capable of rapid shutter speeds, larger ISO range, adaptability, and come with an optical viewfinder, i.e. features which are a requirement for a professional photographer. Other cameras such as pinhole and Polaroid cameras are used by photographers to attain particular effects; however these cameras are not very popular with amateur photographers.



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