Photography Tools and Supplies

Photography needs just one must have tool – the camera. Everything else has been made optional with the advancement of technology. Conventional chemical coated film has given way to the digital format, where images are stored using binary numbers.  In ancient times, that is to say, about 10 years ago, conventional films were essential for photography. These were either black and white films, or color films. Color films came in two variations, negatives and transparencies. Transparencies, or slide rolls, could be projected onto a screen. Negatives – and they differed considerably from transparencies in chemical and physical aspects – were developed on photographic paper to produce images.

For an old school professional photographer, nothing beats the muted sepia tones of a well developed image. In some technical respect, this is still correct. The best digital format can accommodate hardly a few million pixels per square cm. Old fashioned paper based photography can reproduce almost a billion pixels per square cm. This means, paper based photography can be enlarged to an almost unlimited extent. Digital cameras, however, are actually less expensive, and make taking pictures easier and smarter. If you were going mountaineering in the 70s, you would need a porter simply to carry your film rolls. Standard film rolls stored 36 pictures; a small SD card in a digital camera can store over a few thousand images. 

Miscellaneous Photography Equipment

Although most cameras come with an inbuilt flash, an external flash will give additional control over the illumination. It will be possible to get rid of problems such as red eye and bright and dark areas in an image. The power of an external flash is also much more than an in-built flash and can light up larger spaces uniformly. Reflectors are also used to magnify the intensity of light and the...


Computer and Software

Digital cameras usually require a computer and associated software to recreate and edit the image. A computer meant for digital photography should be fast enough to process the high definition images from the camera and easily modify them. It should have a high amount of RAM that can handle pictures with millions of pixels easily and edit them quickly. A computer needs to be installed with profe...



For a person who is just stepping into the world of photography, choosing a camera can be quite confusing and one of the most difficult decisions to make. There are numerous things to consider when choosing a camera, such as the genre of photography that you will be using that camera for and the frequency with which you will be using it. Cost is the biggest concern when it comes to buying camera...


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