Choosing the best digital camera for your situation

Because there are so many options when selecting a digital camera, it's hard to make the best decision when purchasing one. Factors such as size, weight, photo quality and even the color all play their part. So, which type of camera is right for your situation? Unfortunately, the answer is that it depends on what you intend to use it for. If you want a camera that you can take around in your...


What every photographer needs to know about ISO

ISO represents the film or digital sensor 'speed'. In other words, it represents how much light is needed to expose the image properly. Film is typically rated from 200 to 800; however modern digital cameras can have ISO values from 50-6400 and are improving all the time. The lower the number, the more light is needed for proper exposure. Many professionals opt for the lowest ISO rating...


Learning Photography

Photography Classes: Many photography classes are organized regularly by experienced instructors at various universities, libraries and in workshops. The benefit of a real world photography class is that a budding photographer will get face to face with the instructor and obtain live demonstrations of tricks involved in capturing great pictures. These classes are also a great place to meet other...


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