Important Photography Techniques

Angles: Positioning oneself before photographing something or someone is one of the most important parameters in photography. There are three basic camera angles in photography: the normal angle i.e. the human eye view, the high angle i.e. the bird’s eye view, and the low angle i.e. the worm’s eye view. The normal angle is the position from which people generally view thing. Pictures taken at these angles give a natural feel and are widely used in photo documentation and model photography. High angle is the position in which the camera is placed above the subject being photographed. The subject is diminished in the photographs taken at this angle. The low angle is used to emphasize power and height. 

Lighting: A decent photographer considers lighting to be an important part of the picture and the difference between a good picture and a bad picture. Photography can be brought to life at the appropriate moment with rightly placed light sources focusing on the subject. If the lighting is poor then the photos come out blurred and indistinguishable from the surroundings. No amount of digital enhancing can correct a badly lit picture. Natural light sources such as before sunset and after sunrise make for fantastic outdoor photographs. 

Focusing and Depth of Field: These are important aspects of taking pictures. The depth of field of an image is dependent on the focal length, chosen aperture and the focus distance of the subject. The depth of field is the zone around the point of focus where the subject appears to be sharper than the surroundings. Focusing can help in isolation of a particular object, which increases the beauty of an image. 

Shutter Speed and Exposure: The shutter speed of a camera controls the exposure of an image. It is one of the most creative parameters in photography that allows for interesting and beautiful pictures that never fail to amaze people. Proper control of the shutter speed can help in conveying freeze action, motion, flow of water, to isolate subjects and other abilities. The shutter of a camera acts like a curtain that allows the light to come in when it is open. 



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