Popular Types of Photography

Landscape photography: This genre of photography is dedicated to the capture of different locales around the world. This is the most popular type of photography and, in many cases, the reason for nature lovers to take up photography. Landscape photography is also a part of Nature photography. 

Fine Art Photography: This is the most creative genre of photography that lets the art photographer use her creativeness to capture photos. The photographer uses light, expression, background, cosmetics, angles and other techniques to fully express the characteristics of the subject. 

Vernacular Photography: This genre of photography captures the essence and aspects of everyday life. These can be taken by professional or amateur photographers; however, mostly these are taken by amateur photographers. These require little or no skill in most of the cases, since the photographer does not seek to create works of art, but only to capture the instant.

Event Photography: Pictures taken at important events to capture those “Kodak” moments in time constitute event photography. Wedding photography comes under event photography. Wedding photographers are paid handsomely, and weddings are a great chance for hobbyists to find their love of photography. 

Underwater Photography: Underwater photography is one of the most challenging genres in photography. The equipment needed for underwater photography is advanced and the skill required is more than what is needed for taking pictures on land. 

Other popular genres of photography include: Holography, Photojournalism, Night photography, Aerial photography, Macro Photography, Stereoscopy, Stock photography, Infrared, Pinhole, Sports Photography, etc. Most of these genres are high paying areas where photographers with talent earn quite handsomely for pursuing their hobbies.



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